Surface treatment:

Blackening automatic line :1 set,semi-automatic phosphating production line ( Manganese,Zinc ) use imported powder, execute Germany technology standards, the film is same,appearance is good, strong corrosion resistance . the diameter of 1.2m bearing blackening treatment is finished in this  blackening production line. Phosphating production line can finish the diameter is 2.5 m.

Pictures show

Picture show

Heat treatment

Heat treatment workshop is equipped with many heat treatment equipment and professional testing equipment: we imported sealing and furnace from Japan, can realize steel tempering , quenching , carburization ,normalizing ,Carbonitriding technology.

Carburization technology can meet Martensite from 1--3 grade, remained Austenite can be controlled 5%, carbide can be controlled in small dot, the Carburized is 5.0mm.

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